Monday, October 15, 2012

Unlikely Candidate

There are lots of things that I am good at. I like to think I am a pretty decent cook. I am a super fast typist.  I do pretty well at xbox kinect soccer. I can make my kids laugh, braid my daughters hair, water ski, make a mojito, lead a book discussion for elementary school kids, paint my own finger nails, organize a closet and start a campfire.

There are also many things I am not so good at. I cannot paint my own toenails. I am a horrible softball player and proof reader. I can't snow ski, help my kids with their math homework, fold laundry in a timely manner, bake a pie or keep plants alive.

At 41 years old, I am well aware of my strengths and weaknesses.

There are many talents I don't possess that I envy in others. Taking decent photographs is a skill I wish I had. I know a good photographer when I see one, but when I look back through my iPhoto archives, I am hard pressed to find a photo that could be considered "high quality." All of my favorite photos of my kids were taken by other people, professional people.

I own a fancy camera and once in a while, I get lucky and take a great shot. I was searching through my photos for an example of one of my lucky shots, but I couldn't find one.  The truth is I don't really carry my fancy camera around with me that often. Most of the time, I snap photos on my iPhone.

I love Instagram and the cool things Hipstamatic can do to a photo. These apps make amateurs like me look like halfway decent photographers.

I also love to admire people who truly do have an eye for photography and the editing skills to back it up. Which is why I love The Pioneer Woman's photography assignment contests.  A couple of weeks ago, she put out the call for mobile phone photos and I remembered a photo I snapped a while back of my daughters ballet class during dress rehearsal for a recital.  Something about they way they were all lined up on the other side of the room in their pink tu-tus made me want to whip out my iPhone and open the Hipstamatic app. My son was pulling at my arm, so I was surprised at how the shot came out.

I entered it in Ree's photo assignment contest and who would have thought, I made the finals. Color me flabbergasted.

Dress Rehearsal

I am the most unlikely candidate, but I sure I am honored to be included in this group of excellent photos.  Be sure to check out the other finalists, they are stunning!


Anna See said...

that photo is absolutely gorgeous! it is so ethereal.

Issas Crazy World said...

It's a gorgeous photo. I love how the iPhone can capture a moment like that. Congrats for being nominated.

anymommy said...

So beautiful. And oh my gosh, the whole set are just gorgeous, but yours fits right in.

Kayla said...

It actually reminds me of a modern version of one of Edgar Degas' ballerina paintings. Beautiful!